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Tips to Deep Clean After the holidays

We know the holiday season is on its way and although the spirit of it is enough to bring joy among us. The dread of its aftermath is very much real as well. You would find many blogs or self-help books that will enable. You to make your holidays special for yourself and your loved ones. Countless home-décor ideas will be all over the internet that you can adopt. After all of its end, have you given thought to how you would clean your place?

You can indeed hire services like junk removal Kent WA or any other service in your area, but before that, you have to gather your junk on your own. That’s why we come up with a few tips that you can adopt to deeply clean your house easily.

1.    Declutter

First and foremost, declutter your house. We included this one on top of our list because we all tend to gather too many things. Over the holidays that we probably won’t use ever again. So, the point here is if you are an avid shopper and know you have accumulated certain things which you just bought without thinking twice. It’s time to give them to charity.

For instance, zebra leggings which you always want to try during a costume party on Christmas. That Grunch outfit that you bought just because. It’s better to get rid of them before they take up a corner in your already overflowed cupboard. If you are not sure where to charity your extra things you can always take the services of junk movers. Who not only deal with junk but also are in contact with deserving charity organizations.

2.    Disinfect all over your place

Disinfection is one of the most important things that is included in our deep-cleaning tips list. You certainly have guests over at your place during the holidays. This means your house would accommodate new people with new habits for a few days. And you can expect things out of order that would be an open invitation for germs at your place.

Thus, the best thing you can do is after the holidays when all your guests have left and it is time to clean your place, start with the disinfection of areas like the kitchen and bathroom first. After that focus on the floors of your house and at the end use a spray disinfectant in your house rooms. This way you would be able to control the growth of nasty little organisms if there would be any.

3.    Store your house décor stuff

Don’t you think spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a Christmas tree and Christmas decorations are unnecessary? We mean we all indeed want to have a beautifully decorated house on Christmas eve but still spending every year on the same things is just extra.

What you can do is you can clean this year’s Christmas decoration stuff and store them carefully in your store room or garage. This way you won’t have to spend every year on the same things and you would be good to go for 4-5 years without buying new decoration products for Christmas.

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4.    Vacuum and clean everything you can

We will suggest you dedicate a whole day to cleaning after a holiday. In which you would sweep and mops the floors, clean the windows, vacuum the carpets and do some more cleaning wherever you find necessary. You would be astounded by the amount of trash you would end up with at the end of the day. With your guest over you can’t dictate to them where to sit, how to eat, and remove the shoes over the carpet, so all of this would create a trash giant at the end of the holidays which you have to deal with.

Thus, we suggest doing the vacuum and cleaning almost everything to ensure that your house has restored its pre-holiday condition. In this process, you will end up with loads of trash but don’t worry about that as you will have Kent trash removal for that to deal with.

5.    Washing your sheets and towels

This point is somehow related to our second point where we suggested you disinfect all of your houses to make sure your house would be germ-free at the end of the holidays. Similarly, wash everything that you think should be washed after your guests leave.

For instance, the sheets in your guestroom, towels in your bathroom, and hand towels in your kitchen are some things that need to be washed without any question.

Apart from these five tips, gathering all the waste including household trash or any other junk should be the first thing you do. You can hire services like Kent waste removal by “junk is removed” to deal with all the waste that you gathered. So, in the end, we wish you the best of luck with your post-holiday deep cleaning.


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