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Take a fresh start with our Apartment Clean Out Service

It doesn’t have to be a messy process to leave an apartment. Let’s face it, cleaning an entire apartment can seem a tiring ordeal, especially after moving, scheduling movers, and securing your new location. This is the situation that our all-inclusive apartment clean out service solves. We remove the worry from the situation so you may concentrate on your new beginning. Our experts strike the situation head-on, so you won’t have to stress about moving, managing, and disposing of things on your own. 


Our working protocol

We at Junk is Removed and are aware of how stressful apartment clean-outs may be. Our strategy is based on expertise, meticulousness, and a dedication to client pleasure. We customize our services to fit your unique requirements, guaranteeing a smooth and stress-free experience all the way through.

Comprehensive apartment clean-out

Our skilled crew is prepared to manage the apartment clean-out of any size. Every project, no matter how big or small, is handled by us with accuracy and efficiency. We take care of every section of your apartment, including the kitchen, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and more. We don’t only clean the exterior.

Relocating! Leaving or moving in

Our apartment clean out services are customized to match your needs, whether you’re getting ready to move out or into a new apartment. When someone moves out, we make sure the unit is left in perfect shape and upholds the standards set by property managers and landlords. Our staff can offer a comprehensive cleaning if you’re relocating to a new location to help your house feel enticing and new.

Sustainable disposal

We at Junk is Removed are dedicated to being environmentally conscious. When cleaning up apartments, we use environmentally friendly disposal methods. whether you want detailed furniture removal or anything else, our experts do a detailed job. Recyclables are sorted and shipped to recycling sites, while in excellent condition items can be donated to nearby organizations. Our goal is to reduce the negative effects of trash disposal on the environment.

Quick and effective service

We are aware that apartment clean-outs must be completed on a timely basis, particularly when moving. Our crew puts forth a lot of effort to finish the Apartment Junk Removal quickly so you can concentrate on other moving-related tasks or getting settled in your new location.

Why Select Junk is Removed for the Clean-Out of Your Apartment


Our team of seasoned experts is committed to providing a high caliber of service while paying close attention to the little things.


We adjust our clean-out services to your unique requirements, guaranteeing a satisfying and individualized experience.

Environmental responsibilities

To reduce the impact of garbage removal on the environment, we give preference to environmentally friendly disposal techniques.


Your apartment clean-out will be finished quickly thanks to our streamlined procedure, freeing you up to concentrate on moving or getting settled in your new place.

Transparent Pricing

We provide thorough prices free of hidden costs so you may make plans appropriately. We believe in direct and honest communication.

Get in touch with us now

Are you prepared to clear out your flat and give it a new lease on life? Make an appointment with Junk is Removed right now for thorough and expert apartment clean-out services. Give us the cleaning duties so you may have a new beginning in your living area. We are eager to assist you.

Frequently asked question

We provide a thorough apartment clean-out service that includes the removal of everything from your place including furniture, appliances, junk, trash, or anything else. We customize the service to fit your unique requirements and tastes.

Although you are not required to attend, your participation in the first consultation is important. We can organize the clean-out following the agreed-upon conditions if you are unable to attend.

The size of the flat and the level of cleaning needed are two elements that affect how long the clean-out process takes. We may provide you with a time estimate during the consultation based on your particular requirements.

Absolutely. We are aware that customers can have preferences for particular cleaning supplies or techniques. Tell us about your preferences during the consultation, and we’ll try our best to meet them.

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