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Getting rid of clutter and undesirable stuff can be a difficult process when moving out of an apartment. We at Junk is Removed are aware of the difficulties associated with apartment clean-outs and provide comprehensive apartment clean out services to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience. We handle every facet of apartment clean-outs, from mattress disposal to furniture removal, making sure your place is tidy, clutter-free, and prepared for its next tenants. This is a thorough rundown of the services we provide for cleaning out apartments;

Furniture removal

When clearing out an apartment, removing furniture is frequently one of the biggest obstacles. All furniture types, including couches, chairs, tables, dressers, and more, can be removed by our staff, regardless of your reasons for upgrading, downsizing, or just cleaning the house. We take great care when disassembling and removing unneeded items, leaving your apartment clear of clutter and roomy. 

In order to reduce the possibility of damage to your flat during the removal process, our skilled personnel take care to safeguard your walls, floors, and doorways while providing our furniture removal Kent service. In an effort to reduce waste and promote sustainability, we also make an effort to recycle or give used furniture wherever we can.

Removal of mattresses

Because mattresses are heavy and hard to move, getting rid of them can be a big problem for apartment residents. Under our Mattress Removal Kent service, our staff can safely and effectively remove and dispose of your unwanted mattress, whether you’re replacing an old mattress or relocating to a new apartment. 

In order to remove mattresses without causing any harm to your apartment or the surrounding regions, we carefully navigate stairwells, hallways, and small spots. Our environmentally responsible disposal procedures guarantee that mattresses are disposed of or recycled correctly, following local laws, reducing their negative effects on the environment, and fostering sustainability. Thus, you don’t have to worry about a thing while dealing with your mattress. 

General junk removal

Our apartment clean-out services include the removal of ordinary rubbish and debris from your space in addition to furniture and mattresses. We will remove any damaged appliances, outdated devices, trash, and other items that are taking up space in your apartment.

No matter how big or small the amount of trash is, our professionally trained crew is prepared to remove and dispose of it properly when they come with the right tools and equipment. We take care of the sorting, lifting, and transporting so you can worry-free concentrate on other parts of your relocation.

Appliance removal

Our staff can help with the removal and disposal of outdated appliances if you’re upgrading your setup or relocating to a new apartment. Regardless of the appliance a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, or washing machine, we possess the know-how and tools necessary to remove and dispose of these large, heavy objects safely. 

We take care to disconnect appliances correctly so that the plumbing, electrical, or structural systems in your flat are not harmed in any way during the removal process. Our environmentally friendly disposal techniques reduce landfill waste and environmental effects by emphasizing recycling and appropriate disposal. 

Post-clean-out cleanup

After removing any unnecessary objects from your flat, our staff will carry out a comprehensive post-clean-out cleanup to make sure your place is left neat, orderly, and prepared for its upcoming tenants. To keep your apartment spotless, we vacuum, sweep, and wipe down surfaces to get rid of any dust, grime, or debris.

Our aim with our apartment clean out services is to make sure that the entire apartment clean-out process is hassle-free for you. Whether you’re getting ready to move out or are getting your apartment ready for new tenants, you can count on our skilled staff to manage every stage of the clean-out process carefully and efficiently. 


We offer a comprehensive range of services for apartment clean-outs, which include general rubbish removal, appliance removal, furniture removal, mattress disposal, and post-clean-out cleanup. Our skilled staff can assist you with decluttering, downsizing, or moving to a new place. You may rely on Junk is Removed to handle the messy, stress-free apartment clean-out, leaving your area organized and prepared for its next phase.

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