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Keeping an environment clean and healthy requires effective waste management. For the purpose of assisting companies, homes, and communities in properly disposing of their waste, Junk is Removed provides thorough trash removal Kent, garbage disposal, and waste removal services. Our services cover a broad spectrum of waste categories, each of which has unique processing and disposal needs. We’ll go over the different types of waste we deal with in this guide, along with how our offerings support environmentally friendly waste management techniques. 

Domestic trash

Municipal solid waste (MSW), sometimes referred to as household waste, is produced from residential properties and mostly comprises common goods that households discard. This comprises:

  • General trash

Typical home rubbish, including leftover food, packaging, paper, glass, plastic, and metal objects. 

  • Yard waste

Organic waste, such as grass clippings, leaves, branches, and other yard debris, is produced by gardening and landscaping operations. 

  • Bulky items

Big and heavy things that can’t be disposed of with standard garbage collection, like mattresses, appliances, furniture, and electronic waste (e-waste). 

To ensure that household waste is appropriately managed and disposed of in compliance with local laws and environmental requirements, our trash removal Kent service comprises the collection, transportation, and disposal of waste.

Waste from construction and demolition (C&D Waste)

Waste from construction, remodeling, and demolition operations is produced, and it contains a variety of building-related components. Typical forms of C&D waste consist of:

  • Concrete and bricks

Blocks, concrete, and bricks are examples of construction debris that are left over after remodeling or demolition operations. 

  • Wood and timber

Recycled wood, lumber, pallets, and additional wooden products from building and demolition projects. 

  • Remodeling waste

Drywall, plasterboard, gypsum, and plaster are examples of waste materials. 

  • Scrap metal

Metal waste products from building and demolition sites, such as steel, aluminum, copper, and other metals.

Construction and demolition waste is collected and disposed of as part of our garbage removal Kent service, with an emphasis on recycling and material diversion wherever feasible to reduce environmental effects and advance sustainability. 

Hazardous waste

Any waste whose chemical, biological, or physical characteristics endanger public health, public safety, or the environment is considered hazardous waste. Hazardous waste examples are as follows;

  • Chemicals and solvents

Industrial chemicals, solvents, paints, thinners, cleansers, and other hazardous materials that call for particular handling and disposal are referred to as chemicals and solvents. 

  • Batteries

Old batteries with hazardous elements like lead, cadmium, and mercury were used in electronics, cars, and other uses.

  • E-waste

Electronic garbage, or “E-waste,” is the term for discarded electronic equipment and devices such as TVs, computers, monitors, printers, and cell phones that may have poisonous or heavy metal components. 

As part of our waste removal Kent service, hazardous material must be disposed of legally and safely, adhering to tight guidelines to protect the environment and public health. 

Waste organic materials

Any waste product that comes from living things and has the ability to break down spontaneously over time is referred to as organic trash or biodegradable garbage. Typical categories of organic waste consist of: 

  • Food waste

Fruit and vegetable peels, spoiled or expired food, kitchen trash, coffee grounds, and other organic materials are examples of food waste. 

  • Green waste

Green waste is any organic material left behind after gardening or landscaping projects, such as grass clippings, leaves, branches, twigs, and plant trimmings.

We collect organic trash, compost it, and divert it from landfills so that it can be used for soil enrichment, landscaping, and agriculture. This is part of our waste disposal service. 


We take great satisfaction in providing thorough trash collection, garbage removal, and waste removal services at Junk is Removed which handles a variety of waste categories. With meticulous attention to detail and a strong focus on sustainability, we manage all types of waste streams, including hazardous materials, organic garbage, and construction and home waste.

You can be sure that your garbage will be managed responsibly, following laws, and with the least possible negative impact on the environment by working with us for your waste management needs. Get in touch with us right now to find out more about our offerings and how we can assist you in managing your waste efficiently while preserving a better, cleaner environment for the coming generations. 

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