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Residential garbage collection is a garbage service Kent WA that keeps neighborhoods in Kent, Washington clean and safe. For the ecosystem to remain sustainable and healthy, proper waste management is essential. With this agenda in mind, “Junk is Removed” has designed its services in a way that assures the correct disposal of garbage.

In this blog, we will cover all about residential garbage pickup services. Things you can do on your own or services you can have for efficient removal. Thus, in case you were in search of trash removal services near me, you land on the right page.  

Garbage service Kent WA and Waste Management

To manage household waste, the City of Kent runs an effective and well-organized waste management system. The city is dedicated to actively promoting environmental sustainability and lessening its ecological imprint. Residents in Kent can receive curbside rubbish pickup services through contracts with licensed waste management businesses like ours. Or you can have our garbage service Kent WA services to have the proper waste management of your waste.

Garbage service Kent WA Schedule

Every neighborhood in Kent has a different rubbish pickup schedule. There are many zones inside the city, and each zone has a unique collection day. One weekly garbage pickup ensures prompt and regular waste removal in the majority of residential areas. To find out their precise pickup day, you can visit our official website or get in touch with us. We will provide you with all the assistance you may need. 

Recycling Guidelines

Aside from getting our services, it is better to keep in mind some recycling services that you can do by yourself. Some of the things you can follow are;

  • Securing the bags

Before putting the trash in the specified container, individuals should tightly close each bag. Particularly pungent or dirty garbage should be double-bagged.

  • Container Position

On the day of the scheduled pickup, individuals must position garbage containers at the curbside. Or you can place them in other specified collection locations by 6:00 AM. Containers shouldn’t restrict traffic or block driveways or walkways.

  • Overfilling

The waste management team will not pick up garbage deposited outside the authorized container or in overfilled containers. To avoid insect issues and littering, lids must be able to close completely.

  • Prohibited goods

Routine rubbish pickup does not permit some goods, such as hazardous trash, electronic waste, construction debris, and bulky objects. Ordinarily, the city offers instructions for the correct disposal or recycling of such goods. However, you can ask for our assistance as well for the correct disposal of such products.

  • Encourage recycling

We are dedicated to actively encouraging recycling and inviting locals to take part in our recycling initiatives. On a certain day, usually the same day as rubbish pickup, we offer recyclables pickup services as well.

People should separate recyclables from the usual rubbish. They include paper, cardboard, glass bottles, aluminum cans, and plastic containers. Users must put these recyclables in a distinct recycling container provided by the municipal or waste management business. Before recycling, individuals must rinse the containers to avoid contamination.

Disposal of Special Waste

In addition, we actively offer special disposal services for specific kinds of waste that cannot be picked up with ordinary trash or recycling. Bulky objects like furniture and appliances, hazardous garbage, and technological waste are a few examples of products that need particular care. Typically, we offer particular collecting services or offer details if you call us for the appropriate dealing of the waste.

Best trash removal services near me

If you were searching for the best trash removal service near me then you are at the right place. We take pleasure in offering effective, dependable, and environmentally friendly waste management solutions. This makes us the finest garbage removal company close to you. Our team of committed experts guarantees prompt curbside pickup. While also providing easy, convenient services that fit your schedule. 

Ethical garbage disposal methods

We aggressively support recycling and ethical garbage disposal methods with an emphasis on sustainability. Furthermore, we stand out as the best option for garbage collection services in your region. Our dedication to client happiness and a cleaner, healthier environment stands us out. So, let us take care of your trash management requirements with competence and consideration, and discover the difference.


Kent, Washington’s citizens benefit greatly from our residential garbage collection. We ensure that you get a tidy and healthy living environment. Also, we design our services to offer sustainable choices for collecting and disposing of appropriate waste. You can also play your part by segregating recyclables in creating a healthy environment.

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