Garbage service Kent WA by “Junk is Removed” comprises an extensive array of operations about the gathering, moving, handling, and getting rid of waste products produced by commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential sources. These particular services in Kent operate on a regional level to make sure you don’t have to worry about your waste in any way.  What you can get while having this service of ours is;


Residential waste collection

  • Curbside pickup: On prearranged days, waste management vehicles drive through residential neighborhoods to collect household garbage regularly. Ordinarily, residents put their trash in bags or containers for pickup.
  • Recycling collection: To encourage the sorting and recycling of commodities like paper, plastic, glass, and metal, junk is removed also provide separate pickups for recyclables.
  • Yard garbage collection: A few of the services offered include gathering leaves, branches, grass clippings, and other organic garbage from the yard.

Commercial waste collection

Junk is removed provide customized services to businesses. These services may include regular general rubbish collections, recycling, and even specialized disposal for certain sectors, such as hazardous or medical waste.


After being collected, the trash is sent to several locations for treatment, processing, or disposal in the end. Garbage service Kent WA moves items to transfer stations, recycling facilities, or landfills using vehicles that are frequently built specifically for handling different kinds of garbage.

Processing and treatment

  • Recycling facilities

Materials collected for recycling are transferred to recycling facilities for processing and treatment. This helps in limiting the negative effects of the waste on the environment. These facilities utilize the waste and turn it into something useful.

  • Composting facilities

Composting facilities receive organic waste, which includes yard trash and food scraps, and turn it into nutrient-rich compost. This procedure creates a useful soil amendment while assisting in the reduction of methane emissions from landfills.

Hazardous waste treatment

To guarantee safe disposal or recycling to prevent environmental contamination, hazardous waste, which includes chemicals, batteries, electronic trash, and other toxic materials needs to be treated specifically.


  • Landfills

Following collection, sorting, and processing, the leftover non-recyclable and non-compostable garbage is frequently dumped in landfills. 

  • Energy-from-waste facilities

A significant amount of waste is transferred to such waste treatment plants where they are converted as a fuel source. It is a bit expensive procedure but super beneficial for the environment. However, one drawback is that it needs heavy management for the waste gases it produces during the procedure. 

Other services junk is removed offers

Junk hauling services Kent

Our junk hauling services provide comprehensive removal and disposal options for a range of objects, that are not covered by standard trash management services. Bulky or excessive things, such as old furniture, appliances, mattresses, technological trash, and building debris, are our specialty when it comes to collecting and transportation. 

Our knowledgeable crew has all the equipment, labor, and trucks needed to remove these things from building sites, homes, and businesses quickly and effectively. From loading to disposal, we handle every step of the process, making sure that the materials are treated carefully. 

In addition, we classify materials according to local standards for appropriate disposal, recycling, or donation, offering a quick and eco-friendly method of rubbish removal and decluttering.

Junk removal services

Aside from the waste, most house, offices, or other places gather up the useless junk that make the place cluttered and crowded. To manage this issue of yours, we are offering our extensive junk removal Kent WA. Compared to junk hauling service, this service will not only take your waste but also deal with it on your behalf. 

Our experts will assess the condition your place is in and then give you the date and time when they will deal with it. Let’s say you are getting rid of old furniture articles, they will take all your unwanted furniture articles and dispose of them appropriately. If they could be donated then, our experts will donate them to a respective yet authentic charitable organization. 

Thus, having our service would be a great way to get rid of your useless articles or junk lying around. This means acquiring our junk removal services is a win-win for you as you get to have the free space, and you can help someone with donations, or be a responsible citizen by taking part in recycling efforts. 


“Junk is Removed” provides a garbage service in Kent, WA that guarantees full waste management, including collection from homes and businesses, transportation to different locations, recycling, composting, handling of hazardous waste, disposal in landfills, and energy-from-waste solutions. Our junk removal services are focused on removing large, bulky objects such as appliances, furniture, and building waste, and we take care of any appropriate recycling or disposal. 

Moreover, by providing quick pick-up, disposal, and potential donation or recycling of unwanted goods, our trash removal services tidy homes and businesses, freeing up space and helping with responsible waste management.

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